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I absolutely love collecting gold, platinum, silver bars, silver rounds, numismatic coins, and the history of it all. I am a true collector and not merely a flip for profit dealer. I also produce .999 Silver Bars and Rounds under the Experts Only/ Double Diamond Bullion brand. It is my passion to spread the precious metals hobby as far as I can take it and enjoy it with anybody and everybody interested. I have met so many great people and collectors along the way that I am hopeful you become a friend and a resource also.

My goal is absolute customer satisfaction with every single person who buys from me. I do a thorough testing and authentication of every coin or piece of silver, gold or platinum I sell. Shipping quickly and packaging to protect the product is my #1 priority. If you are ever dissatisfied for any reason, I will refund your money or switch out the product until you are happy. 

I hope you enjoy the site, buy some great precious metal pieces and inevitably become a friend.  That’s the goal.

Thank you for shopping here.


Double Diamond Bullion


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